• The KoolCollar wholesale and distributor program is rapidly expanding and KoolCollar welcomes all inquiries. KoolCollar has options to accommodate the smallest single location pet store to large chain retailers.

    For pricing and more information, please fax/email a copy of your business license and contact information to 360.833.2800.

    Existing Customers

    If you are an existing customer and would like additional order forms please email your request to

  • Brandmark/Logo

    This artwork can be used to promote KoolCollar in your marketing efforts. Feel free to download this zipped file that contains a variety of KoolCollar Brandmarks.

    KoolCollar Brandmark Zip

  • KoolCollar Product Photography

    This zipped file contains multiple photographs of the KoolCollar product on a white background. Feel free to download the zipped file. This photography can be used only to promote KoolCollar.

    Product Photography Zip

  • KoolCollar Dog Photography

    These photographs contain dogs with the KoolCollar on. Feel free to use these in your promotional materials to help sell KoolCollar. This photography can be used only to promote KoolCollar.

    Small Sized Dogs

    Medium Sized Dogs

    Large Sized Dogs