KoolCollar Warranty

For best results, ice cubes should be only used outdoors as dripping will occur as ice melts. Handwash your dog's KoolCollar in cold water with mild soap. Hang dry if desired. Do not put the KoolCollar in the dryer or dry clean. Do not use bleach.

Our KoolTubes are semi-disposable and filled with a non-toxic, non-staining liquid. The substance will not harm your dog if punctured.

Do not heat KoolTubes! Excessive heat will have a destructive effect on the KoolTube.

Use standard restraint collars and leash independantly of the KoolCollar. The KoolCollar is not intended to be used with a leash or to restrain your dog.

The KoolCollar is NOT a chew toy. Any damage resulting from chewing or biting will void any workmanship or material warranty.

Please supervise your pet while using the KoolCollar.

If you need to return your KoolCollar for any warranty repairs, please contact us to do so. Please note in the subject field that it is a warranty issue.